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Little Felt Pack: To-Do Chart Icons


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Little Felt Pack: To-Do Chart Icons
Little Felt Pack: To-Do Chart Icons

Felt icons and cutout felt shapes for chore charts, school schedules, daily tasks and to-dos, extracurriculars and more!

Help children take responsibility and manage their own tasks and activities in an interactive way. Icons included in this set: laundry basket, dish, book, bed, toothbrush, toys in a bin, pet food holder, music note, keyboard, pencil, sports ball, check marks, and many more. All icons are black, 2mm thick 100% polyester felt.

Felt fabric contains fibers that gently cling to other felt fabrics to form a temporary bond. These felt designs will cling to our Looksee felt boards without the use of adhesives. They are removable, reusable and interactive. Kids love them and will have fun arranging and take pride in checking off their "done" items! These are great for children of all ages, and may help children with limited language skills as well.

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