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Make Back to School Special

We're deep into summer now, which means it's time to start thinking about back to school. Whether you're the type who looks forward to sending your kids back to the books, or you cringe a little bit when you see school supply sections popping up in stores, we have a few suggestions to help you make the transition to a new academic year one that's special the whole family. 

Here are a few ideas for some traditions you can include in your Back to School routine this year:

Snap a First Day of School Photo 

Grab your Looksee Board and School Days felt pack and head to the front door for those first day photos. You'll thank yourself on the last day of school when you do a side-by-side and see how much your child has grown in one short school year. 

Create a Time Capsule

Have your kids decorate small jars/boxes to fill with little questions about their current life (ie. favorite color or dream job at the present moment, current height or favorite t-shirt). Open the time capsules on the last day of school to see how much they’ve changed and grown.

Chef's Choice Dinner

Have the child pick what meal your family will have together the night before the first day and let them be the head chef that night!

Word or phrase of the year

Have your family pick a word that you can focus on for the upcoming school year (ie. growth, understanding, ambition, kindness, etc.) Or choose an inspiring phrase or quote that can help anchor your child to their goals.

Walk out song

Similar to baseball batting walk-up songs, have your kids choose their favorite song to walk out the door, or walk up to their learning station at home! Help get their energy high and alive for their first day of school.

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